Drowning in my thoughts.

Here I feel like I’m on top of a mountain. There’s a various mixture of pine trees and maple trees. The sky is a pale blue color. And in this mixture you can find big white clouds. A few are wispy as if they were lightly brushed onto a canvas. The others are big and fluffy, kind of like cotton balls or the stuffing inside toy animals. The sun drifts in and out of sight leaving patches of light yellow and dark grey on the valleys and slopes of the mountains. The air smells like a cold winter night. Everything is covered in a white blanket of snow. And when you look at an angle you can see the sparkles that glitter in the golden sunlight. The kind of sparkles that you would see on a royal crown. It’s here in this state of serenity, that I feel completely alone. I feel free; free to express my thoughts and feelings; free from the torments of human nature; free from life itself. I may not be sitting on this mountain but, to me, tumblr is my mountain. I want to express my thoughts with you if you don’t mind. So please stay for a while, get comfortable if you like and enjoy the soap opera that I like to call my life.

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when straight people talk to gays

is that jody mills

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“I’m tired of writing about love. I want tragedy, I want danger. I want a one night stand where both people will remember that night like it was yesterday. I want strangers touching, changing, hoping they will see that beautiful redhead that they fell in love with on their way to work, too much of in a hurry to ask the details that will keep them contacted, somehow connected forever. I don’t want certainty. I want unknown places that want to be searched, want to be documented, want to trap someone inside of their territory until they go weak with longing for their home. I want mystery, amusement, a case that just cannot seem to be solved. Even with evidence at the tips of the detectives fingers. I want impatience, anxiety, a thought that only seems to bring you back to the beginning. Going over the facts again and again until it drives you mad with what you might have missed, and what piece you seemed to look over that you needed to bring this case to a close.”

– "I want reality to feel like an episode of Sherlock," - Colleen Brown (via mostlyfiction)

the reichenbach fall

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